Baltic Welders OÜ 2016
We turn great ideas into
outstanding products
We engineer and produce high-quality accessories for heavy machinery

High-quality products made from high-quality materials


Production by experts in the field


We always deliver our products on time

Baltic Welders OÜ began operating in January 2016. We have experience in the metal industry dating back to 2010. Our team comprises experienced welders and designers plus a Production Manager and our CEO. We have the competence needed to produce high-quality accessories for your construction-site vehicles.


We prioritise accuracy and innovative solutions so as to ensure that our clients obtain top-quality products and services.

Baltic Welders is a company which specialises in the production of accessories for construction-site vehicles that correspond to the highest quality standards and that are designed to last. We have earned our clients’ trust and satisfaction thanks to our experience and continuous development in the field of heavy machinery production.

Overview of project

Start-up aid for acquiring fixed assets for production. The purpose of the project is to make the necessary investments in basic work equipment and to offer high-quality products with optimal solutions. As a result of the project, we have acquired basic work equipment, created jobs and increased the competitiveness of the company. The project is co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund. The amount of the grant is 15,000 euros.

Recipient of support: Baltic Welders OÜ

Name of project: ‘Acquisition of production equipment for Baltic Welders OÜ’

Aims of project and expected results:

The direct aim of the project is to obtain the equipment that Baltic Welders OÜ requires for production, to adopt it as part of the company’s tangible fixed assets and to start using it in production. As a result of the project the production and service process as a whole will become more efficient, faster, more flexible and more profitable and the quality of products will improve. The working environment will also be improved, as will the company’s ability to develop innovative new products and further develop its existing products.

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